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Touch the Earth

10th Ward Lit - Spring 2022

The Climate Issue


The line was long. Miles long. People standing, waiting for admission.  People of all ages. People of all colors. Hot, cloudless, smoke from recent fires hung in the air, causing the girl to gag slightly, her throat dry.  Fear, anxiety and fatigue enveloped her.

Drips the Soaking Rain.JPG

Drips the Soaking Rain

10th Ward Lit - Fall/Winter 2023

The Senses Issue

Rain. Rain. The skies opened and spring showers fell steadily out of the heavens like a river current, washing away the last gray snow to showcase vibrant greens.

The vernal equinox, which usually falls on March 20, marks the start of spring according to the astronomical seasons, when Earth stands sideways to the sun. Every year, winter and spring battle until the season of new beginnings wins triumphant, as it always does, eventually, and temperatures warm. Hours of sunlight jump as shadows shrink and light intensity grows stronger. Showers are nature’s promise that winter is over and better weather is coming.

Bell bottom jeans.jpg

Those 70's Jeans

Storied Stuff - Feb 2022

Some clothing encapsulates a moment, like Jackie Kennedy’s pillbox hat or John Travolta’s Saturday Night Fever white suit.  To look at the garment is to remember the moment.  For me, my 1970’s hip hugger, bell-bottom jeans recall such a certain time. My fashion, like the 1970s, was experimental and progressive, and I considered myself hot spit in those pants.  I owned the jeans in high school and wore them with a fringed suede belt through college.  No one else owned anything like them, flared from the knee down, frayed with fabric patches sewn on by hand embroidery covering worn areas. 


The Footstool

Storied Stuff - Sept 2022

This verbiage is typed on a yellowed paper attached to the bottom of a wooden footstool made of hooked wool that my mother-in-law gave to me. The paper tells a history lesson. 


“This Footstool is 112 years old. It was purchased in Wiminggton Del., in 1812, and carried overland in an old Conestoga wagon to Carlisle, Pa, where the purchasers settled.  It was recently bot at a sale of one of the descendants.”


My Mother had Three Mink Coats

Storied Stuff - August 2023

My mother had three mink coats, each from a different fashion era, but each worn to impress with style and prestige. Her first garment was really not a coat, but a blonde mink stole; a sleeveless rectangular wrap with a clasp in the front and her initials embroidered in the lining, “EBL”.   In the 1950s and 1960s, a stole was the height of elegance and fashion.

Want a fur stole?  Just go out to eBay or Poshmark where you’ll find dozens for sale.  My mother’s piece avoided online resale fate.  It is now owned by my niece, who stylishly wore it to her own wedding. 

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