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Barbara Landis Huffman



Barbara Landis Huffman grew up in Central Pennsylvania and has lived in Ohio, Oklahoma and Illinois. After practicing Estate Law for 20 years, she's now enjoying retirement on Lake Michigan in Evanston, IL.  Her creative writing career began in 2020, when she debuted in 10th Ward Lit - a digital magazine published by the Evanston Public Library.  Immersed in her new craft, she took classes in Charcter, Principles of Story and Dialogue. Experimenting with literary styles, she has written and published short stories, flash fiction and memoir. 

 Listening to her clients' stories exposed her to diverse voices and perspectives, which she now channels into her characters and their adventures. Exploring the human experience through individual and community perspectives, she crafts quirky, often unreal stories which reveal how ordinary people react to an irrational world.

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